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What is a pavement sealer?

Pavement sealer is a water based product consisting of refined coal tar, clay, mineral fillers and water. The protective features of refined coal tar combined with the re-enforcing effect of mineral fillers results in a flexible, protective coating when applied to asphalt pavements.

Why should I sealcoat my asphalt pavement?

Sealcoating protects asphalt pavements from destructive elements of weather, gas, oil, antifreeze, chemicals, etc.

What conditions are necessary for best results?

The temperature should be 50 degrees and rising with no rain expected until coating has had time to completely dry. This can take as little as one hour in warm, direct sunlight or as long as 24 hours in cool, shady conditions.

How should the surface be prepared?

The pavement should be clean and completely dry. Petroleum based stains such as gas, oil, oil based paints, etc. should be treated with an oil spot sealant.

What is the best method of application?

Pavement sealer can be applied by hand, using a rubber squeege or nylon brush. It can also be spray applied, but this method is best left to experienced sealcoating contractors.

What's that smell?

Yes, there is a distinct odor; but that odor is temporary, lasting only for a day or two.

How soon can I drive on it?

The sealcoated surface can be driven on after the pavement sealer has had time to completely dry and cure. (usually 24 hours after application)

What's the difference between "dry" & "curing"?

Pavement sealer is dry when the water has evaporated from the coating. "Curing" is the hardening process that can take 5 to 10 days depending on weather conditions.

Why should I use Star Seal?

Star-Seal has been in pavement maintenance industry over 25 years. Their knowledge of the products they sell is based on extensive job site experience, not hearsay. We have chosen to represent Star-Seal pavement sealer because our experience has shown that this is the best pavement sealer available on the market today.


Maryland asphalt maintenance products and sealcoat supplies; distributor located in Frederick, Maryland providing asphalt pavement sealer products, paving maintenance services, asphalt driveway sealers, concrete driveway sealers. Serving Frederick, Maryland, Hagerstown and southern Pennsylvania. One stop shop for highway maintenance contractors.

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